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Civil Engineering Design

We have the experience necessary to actively develop concept plans, street rehabilitation plans, street improvement plans, storm drain plans, drainage studies, and ADA accessibility-type projects including preparation of specifications, cost estimate, SWPPP documents, utility coordination, coordination with other agencies, and construction support.

Wolfe Engineering’s staff specializes in public infrastructure. Our design services include streets and highways, water, sewer and storm drain master planning, storm water management plans, programs and practices. Our firm has extensive long term experience providing staff services, in- house plan checking services, development services and capital improvement management services. We provide traffic control plans and engineering support services. Structural engineering and geotechnical services are provided by our qualified sub-consultants on an as need basis. We have experience working with the County of Orange in both design and construction and are familiar with Orange County standards and specifications. We work closely with Caltrans when needed and have full knowledge of Green Book standards. We have been providing these civil engineering services to cities throughout Southern California for over 12 years. 

​Construction / project Management

Our project management approach is both proven and successful as exhibited by our affluent project success rates. Our first order of business is to meet City’s staff early to determine the project requirements and objectives, critical issues and establish schedules and documents to be used. We will initiate lines of effective communication and reporting, exchange e-mail addresses and other communication devices. We will set the frequency of formal reporting requirements. With each project assignment, Wolfe Engineering will create a comprehensive plan in compliance with the City’s guidelines and a schedule for completing the work. Wolfe Engineering’s plan and schedule will list each task and identify the activities that must be completed immediately prior to the start of the next task. Wolfe Engineering’s plan will comprise of all phases, as well as other disciplines, including tasks to be performed by other entities, such geotechnical, survey, right of way engineering, and structural to ensure the City’s program is orchestrated effectively and efficiently. Our goal is to keep the project on schedule and within budget, using quality control/quality assurance. 

Plan Check and grant administration

Wolfe Engineering has extensive experience in plan review for public agencies. We have a formalized & integrated process for consistent, quality reviews. We will provide reliability, flexibility and rapid response. We have a track record of consistently meeting around times with complete and accurate reviews and within budget. We have experience in both land development and civil design plans.

• We have checked over 1,000 plans and reports
• We provide thorough, effective, and timely reviews of plans and reports

Grant Preparation (Federal, State and Local) – Wolfe Engineering is prepared to assist the City in providing Grant preparation for Federal, State and Local monies. We have processed grants through Caltrans Local Assistance and County Transportation Authorities. State and Federal funds have been secured for rehabilitation projects and transportation enhancement projects.

Wolfe Engineering has developed a proven system for plan check services. All plan checks will be preformed by or under a California Licensed Professional Engineer or Land Surveyor. All plan check engineers will use a checklist developed by Wolfe Engineering. Checklists for Rough Grade, Precise Grade, Storm Drain, Street Improvements, Drainage Reports, WQMP’s, SWPPP’s, ADA and Tentative Maps are used to verify effective, thorough and complete plan reviews. We endeavor to complete all plan checks for approval within 3 plan checks. Plan checks shall be completed in 10 working days. A formal letter will be prepared for each review. The appropriate checklist may also be included. The plan checks will be completed in conformance with the following documents. 


Our staff is fully qualified and experienced to perform inspection/observation services for Public Works projects and encroachment permits. Our inspectors have City experience in land development inspection, capital improvement projects inspection, traffic control, utility inspections/observation and encroachment permit inspections. Inspection services include observing construction projects for compliance with State and Local standards and regulations. Our inspectors monitor the project progress and report to the City on a regular time schedule of the project progress. 

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